About us

Little things, big outcomes

Ignata A&I rebrands to IGA Talent Solutions

From our bases in London, Leeds and Geneva, we source and secure the best possible talent. At heart, our business is people – we pride ourselves in the relationships we nurture with our clients, our candidates and within our own team.

We understand big-picture thinking, but we know that success always depends on the little things. Just as something as small as the flap of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the world can have a massive impact on the other, it’s often the tiny details that make the biggest difference. Experience has taught us that even the smallest element of our process can have a massive impact on yours – so, although we aim big, we make a point of thinking small.

Take, for instance, how we measure success. Our consultants aren’t rewarded purely by the number of people they place or the size of the salaries they secure, but rather, we reward based on NPS feedback and the results that are delivered for our clients and candidates. At IGA, relationships matter more than numbers.

IGA is part of the Ignata private equity group, and backed by former BBC Dragon James Caan CBE. 

IGA’s ultimate aim is to elevate and energise the professional services industry

To do this, we focus on building lasting relationships founded on trust, connecting the clients and candidates who can truly enrich each other.

Diversity and inclusivity are, naturally, at the heart of this approach. IGA recognises the creative, cultural and productivity benefits associated with more diverse teams, and strives to recruit professionals from a broad spectrum of personal and industry backgrounds, at every level of experience. 

By ensuring every voice is heard and every individual contribution valued, we have been able to build a talented team in which each member is fully invested in IGA and is personally engaged in ensuring our continuing success.

IGA's evolution in Year One

In Year One, the business launched with an event for clients hosted by our Chairman and investor James Caan CBE. The business expanded its services to clients globally and opened three offices in the UK and Switzerland. Please do check out the video here for further details on what we got up to in our first year.  

Our values

Everything we do at IGA is defined and shaped by our underlying values, collectively agreed by our employees.


The relationships we sustain, communications we make and services we deliver are all founded on respect, competence and courtesy.


We bring sincere passion and commitment to every project, big or small.


In a fast-based globalised world, we have to move fast and adapt; we take pride in our capacity to innovate and evolve whenever we need to – not six months later.


At IGA, there are no heroes; we work together, sharing knowledge and ideas in equal partnership with our clients and each other.


We understand the impact of the choices we make, so we base every decision on honesty, integrity and a sense of fair play.