Risk & Compliance

Little things, big outcomes

Our work in risk & compliance

In today’s financial services environment, Risk & Compliance professionals are under more pressure than ever. With increased regulatory scrutiny and a growing requirement for corporate transparency, risk is now one of the most influential factors in the corporate decision-making process.
Furthermore, with the complexities of risk now augmented by the likes of Basel lll and Solvency lI, having the right people in the right roles, with the right technical expertise, has never been so important. Without the proper infrastructure, people and processes in place, your company could find itself facing considerable fines, not to mention reputational damage.
Our team at IGA has extensive experience of hiring risk, compliance and regulatory change contractors across multiple industries. Whether it’s standalone interim roles or entire project risk teams, IGA has the expertise to solve your hiring needs – and potentially save you millions in the process.
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