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Corporate Social Responsibility

Little things, big outcomes

Corporate Social Responsibility

IGA Talent Solutions have a fundraising partnership with Smart Works, a fantastic charity that supports women from a range of different backgrounds and age groups into employment. By providing confidence boosting interview coaching, the charity helps women to feel more self-assured and empowers them to start believing in their own ability to succeed.

In addition to one to one interview coaching and support, the charity’s clients will have a wardrobe consultation where they will receive high-quality clothing, shoes and accessories to wear for their job interviews and receive further capsule items when they successfully get the job!

Empowering Women for Job Success

One of our core aims at IGA Talent Solutions is to create and champion diversity, inclusivity and social mobility within our organisation, our clients businesses and society more broadly. We are passionate about helping people from all backgrounds succeed at interview and achieve their true potential and we are proud to be partnering with Smart Works to help them with their aim to support over 10,000 women across the UK by 2025.

Fundraising and Volunteering Activities

IGA strives to support Smart Works in a number of different ways including taking part in individual and team sponsorship challenges, hosting fundraising events and working closely with our business partners and clients to support corporate clothing drives for the charity.

Every time we have a new member of the team join us here at IGA Talent Solutions, we make a cash donation to Smart Works on behalf of our new colleague. For every career that begins or progresses at IGA, we are committed to helping another individual get started on the path to theirs. 

IGA colleagues also spend time volunteering at our partner Smart Works branches in Leeds, London and Reading. We are proud to support the service delivery as interview coaches, wardrobe and event volunteers.

Smart Works Community

In 2019, The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle joined the Smart Works community as patron of the charity and continues to support women across the UK from her new home in California.

The Duchess’s work with Smart Works incorporates her desire to support women, and her commitment to helping those in need which has helped to shine a light on the vital work that the charity undertakes.

“The reason I was drawn to Smart Works is that it reframes the idea of charity as community. It’s a network of women supporting and empowering other women in their professional pursuits.” The Duchess of Sussex

How you can get involved

If you would like to support us at IGA with one of our fundraising events or corporate clothing drives in Leeds, London or Reading then please click here to get in touch.

To find out more about the Smart Works community, you can visit their website here.